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How to send personalized messages in bulk to LinkedIn members?

Whether you are recruiting or pitching through LinkedIn connections. The principle is the same as email outreaching. You send out your personalized messages with A/B testing versions to a selected group of target audiences.

However, before you start messaging, finding the target connections matching your criteria through thousands or even hundreds of LinkedIn connections is already a daunting task. See how Linkr help you segment your connections into groups via Connections Categorization.

Once you have your connections organized via Connections Categorization, you could start creating your message template variants. A message template variant is a different version of the same message. Linkr manage your message variants into template groups, and randomly pick one of the variants to send.

I'm gonna show you how to start automating the LinkedIn messaging using Linkr - the #1 LinkedIn automation software.

Linkr is a Desktop software that runs on any 64bit Windows, Mac or Linux computers. If you haven't install it, click the button below to grab a copy.

Step by Step: Automate LinkedIn messaging

  • Find Auto messaging task, click Create button
  • Choose a Message template(group). See Message templates for how to create templates.
  • Choose one or more connection groups you want to send message to (See Connections Categorization).
  • Set the running Speed and click Create Task.
  • You could create more tasks of other kinds and run at the same time or simply click Start to start the task.