Syncing and Grouping LinkedIn Connections

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Categorizing LinkedIn connections

The missing feature on LinkedIn

LinkedIn's connections management is primitive and not that useful for LinkedIn marketing professionals and recruiters. When we have hundreds of LinkedIn connections, we need a feature that can help us manage our connections like managing files in folders.

Many LinkedIn members want to segment their connections into different groups, adding name tags or role tags. This will help people to remember the roles and opportunities of each connection they have.

Categorizing your LinkedIn connections could become super useful when used with LinkedIn messaging. This allows you to send messages to just a selected groups of connections.

Another way of grouping LinkedIn connections is during auto connecting phase. See Auto connect for how to add groupings while sending connection invitations.

Moreover, after syncing, you could export your LinkedIn connections to a excel file. See Data Export for instructions.

I'm gonna show you how Linkr can help you manage your LinkedIn connections in a better way. Linkr is a Desktop software that runs on any 64bit Windows, Mac or Linux computers. If you haven't install it, click the button below to grab a copy.

LinkedIn connections offline management

In order to group your LinkedIn connections, Linkr needs to download a copy of your LinkedIn connections locally on your computer. This is called synchronization. You could initiate such a synchronization task by creating a Synchronize my connections task.

Step by Step: Synchronize my connections

  • In the Automations tab, find Synchronize my connections task, click Create button
  • In the popup window, set the synchronization speed, click Create button.
  • Click Start to start the task. You could continue creating more tasks of other kinds and run at the same time.

After all your connections are synced. You can start assigning groups to your LinkedIn connections. See instructions below for details.

Step by Step: Assign groups to connections

  • In the Connections tab, you should see your connections listed on the left view.
  • For each connection, click the Add group button to assign new groups.
  • In the Add group window, select the exist group names if there's any. If you dont have any group. Click the Create new group name button to create one.
  • After selecting the group you want to assign, click Add button to complete.

Linkr comes with some handy features to help you find your connections by group or name.

Step by Step: Searching or filtering connections

  • Click the dropdown menu to select the group names you wanna show in the list.
  • You could also search your connections by name in the search field on the right of the groups dropdown menu.