LinkedIn Automation Software

LinkedIn Automation Software

Linkr Product Box
Linkr Product Box Linkr Product Box Linkr Product Box

Put your LinkedIn marketing on autopilot mode

Linkr is the #1 LinkedIn Lead Generation Automation Software. Linkr autonomously expands your professional LinkedIn connections, discover new customers, develop new career opportunities and connecting new business prospects.

LinkedIn has 575 million members globally. Every day, more than 40% of LinkedIn members are actively engaging with each other, searching jobs, interest groups, businesses contacts and news. Professionals are making valuable business connections with existing and new partners every second.

However, manually finding and connecting new leads on LinkedIn is tedious and repetitative and dramatically reduces productivity. With Linkr, you can automate the LinkedIn marketing in large scale with just a couple of clicks.

Linkr is the essential tool to help recruiters, job seekers, sales and marketers to dominate the LinkedIn and Sales Navigator leads generation process by automation.


Collect LinkedIn Data

Set keywords and other criteria.

Pinpoint companies and leads. Save as dataset.

Auto connect

Choose dataset then send batch invitations.

24 hr non-stop, multi-tasking. AI simulation.

Connections Categorization

Sync connections, organize into categories

Tagging connections by roles, types etc.

Message templates

Create variants of message templates.

Personalize with first name, last name variables.

Auto messaging

Select your target connection group.

Send personalized messages in batch.

Data Export

Export companies, leads and connections.

Use it in other CRM software